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18) Toward Reconciliation: The Nishimatsu Settlements for Chinese Forced Labor in World War Two
By Ivy Lee … Aug. 9, 2010:  (PDF here)

17) Rejected by All Plaintiffs: Failure of the Nishimatsu-Shinanogawa "Settlement" with Chinese Forced Laborers in Wartime Japan
By Kang Jian … Aug. 9, 2010:  (PDF here)

16) Recent Developments in Korean-Japanese Historical Reconciliation

By The Hankyoreh ... April 26, 2010:  (PDF here)

15) Remembering and Redressing the Forced Mobilization of Korean Laborers by Imperial Japan

By Kim Hyo Soon and Kil Yun Hyung … Feb. 15, 2010:  (PDF here)

14) Japan Should Follow the International Trend and Face Its History of World War II Forced Labor

By Michael Bazyler … Jan. 29, 2009:  (PDF here)

13) Aso Revelations on Wartime POW Labor Highlight the Need for a Real National Archive in Japan
By Lawrence Repeta … Jan. 25, 2009:  (PDF here)

12) Myth and Fact in Northeast Asia's History Textbook Controversies
By Mikyoung Kim ... Aug. 15, 2008:  (PDF here)

11) Korean Hibakusha, Japan's Supreme Court and the International Community
By David Palmer ... Feb. 20, 2008:

10) Hundreds of Ethnic Koreans from Sakhalin to Return Home
Repost from Korean Overseas Information Service ... September 7, 2007:
(PDF here

9) Japan's Top Court Poised to Kill Lawsuits by Chinese War Victims
By Kang Jian ... March 2, 2007: (PDF here)

8) Yasukuni Shrine Imposes Silence on Bereaved Families
By Utusmi Aiko (translation by Richard Minear) ... September 7, 2006: (PDF here)

7) New facts about US Payoffs to Japan's Biological Warfare Unit 731
By Tsuneishi Kei-ichi (translation by James Orr) ... August 31, 2006: (PDF here)

6) Japan Foreign Minister's Visit to POW Remembrance Service Backfires
By Matsubara Hiroshi (
repost from Asahi Shimbun) ... August 2, 2006: (PDF here)

5) The United States and the Japanese Mengele: Payoffs and amnesty for Unit 731 scientists
By Christopher Reed ... August 1, 2006: (PDF here)

4) Family Skeletons: Japan's foreign minister and forced labor by Koreans and Allied POWs
By Christopher Reed ... April 29, 2006:
(PDFs in English and Japanese)

3) U.S. Congressional Resolution Calls on Japan to Accept Responsibility for Wartime Comfort Women
By Alexis Dudden ... April 22, 2006: (PDF here)

1) Korean Forced Laborers: Redress movement presses Japanese government
By Yumi Wijers-Hasegawa
(repost from Japan Times) ... February 23, 2006: (PDF here)


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